Delivering Guidance and Support to Connect You to Your Business

Offering a practical approach to business development, sustainability and growth. From starting a company, to transitioning to a larger SMME or becoming a national entity – The Business Couch provides an inclusive format. Through the exposure to a comprehensive platform of business tools, methodologies, structures and shared insights, the entrepreneurs capacity to create sustainable entities, adapt to change and promote company growth is enhanced.

Executive & Strategic

Ensuring sustainability

Bridging the divide between the information available and what you need to know as a growing entrepreneur for your business. Increasing organisational strategic capability through enhancing skills on how to identify, execute and monitor your strategic plans.


Optimising efficiency

The Business Couch provides practical guidance and diverse tools to develop relevant high performance structures promoting accountability for companies of any size. This creates a sound business backbone to maximise sustainability and provides a solid platform from which you can manage and grow your business.


Opening up the potential for growth

Connecting business principles and strategies with the human and social element of understanding organisational influence and how it affects company growth and sustainability at all organisational levels.

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About Robyn

M. Inst. D   EMBA (UCT)

After selling my national business interests in 2012, I have been managing a portfolio of professional roles as a business consultant, advisor, executive coach, mentor and independent non-executive director, while continuing to study and broaden my awareness. I offer a track-record of practical business executive, managerial and leadership experience; of driving growth and profitability; building high-performance teams and entrenching a culture of accountability, continuous improvement and staff empowerment. I strive to engage in diverse perspectives and to challenge what I think I know.

I am continuing my research in the social construct of organisational leadership and its influence on broader company effectiveness with the aim of sharing these insights to help entrepreneurs in their own awareness and growth journey.

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