Business Growth – How to create that “bigger picture” view

business growth

Why The Bigger Picture is Important for Business Growth!

Sometimes we just get stuck in the operations of our business – trying to make the customer happy while facing challenges with suppliers, debtors, creditors, staff and everything else that goes with having your own small business.

We forget to stand back and take a deeper look at who and what we are and where we are going and most importantly, how we are going to get there.

What are my company growth strategies?

Yes, it is scary sometimes as we crawl to stay ahead of economic downturns, but when we are stuck in an operational rut (inertia) we lose sight of opportunities not only for sustainability, but for growth and change.

Types of growth strategies.

Tip 1:    When in doubt, pull yourself back – away from all the small detail and look at the bigger picture.  This clears out the clutter and helps you keep aligned with your vision, mission and promise.

Tip 2:    Find more perspectives – a business associate or mentor to give you that fresh insight and another world view.  The power of knowledgeable, practical and relevant feedback that is away from the operational (emotional) connection to your business yet relevant to your specific needs, is profound.

Tip 3:    Always be open to learn and grow.

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