Creating a circular management team around you

Circular management is about engaging in perspectives with those around you, specifically your management team.

management teamAs top managers in business, the ability to look at situations holistically and from the widest viewpoint possible is a prerequisite so that the decisions we make are as informed and as accurate as possible so our chances of assessing a problem and sourcing a solution are improved.

Yet why don’t we engage the perspectives of our management team and staff around us?

Each of our views of the world are incomplete versions of the actual reality.

Enhancing communication and being open to discussing perspectives, ideas and solutions with your management team not only provides a collective and deeper awareness of situations.

Plus a circular management team also empowers the individuals and the team to take initiative and think strategically, which is a win / win scenario in any situation.

How to be an effective manager and run a management team successfully is a process and all available methodologies needs exploring for optimum results.

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