Creating an environment of eager and empowered staff

As said last week, inviting the perspectives of your management team and staff empowers individuals to take initiative and think strategically.  Productivity, efficacy and efficiency are pretty much a job expectation and a paid for service, but how can you make someone want to do something better?

If we didn’t have to work, we wouldn’t. Yes, we need to find something that stimulates our minds and keeps us active but why should someone be going the extra mile for us?empowered staff

As a manager you need to get your staff’s buy-in to have eager and empowered staff.  To do this, you need to create desirability and feasibility for the employee.

Desirability in this context refers to a measure of attractiveness of an outcome for the employee – in most cases it is the opportunity to excel, prove they can do something by being entrusted with contributing more than what you contractually engaged them to do – and the chance to learn and grow.

Feasibility in this context refers to the relevance – it makes sense to do as you have suggested, as the employee can now see the future benefits (for them) which creates desirability.   If you can start to consider the staff’s perspectives and their future value of contributing to the bigger picture, you can create this buy-in and work in a circular-management format which will go a long way towards contributing to creating an environment of eager and empowered staff.

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