How not to fear Company Growth

Growth is a natural evolution of adapting to changes over time. Even if your company does not grow in size, complexity, market share or turnover – there are fundamentals of change inherently happening in your company. The environment and market you operate in is constantly changing. Your staff are growing and changing over time – individually and collectively as a workforce.

To keep up with this type of ‘change’, the company will need to continually adapt to these external and internal forces to stay focused on their objectives. We know that as people, we grow over time through our experiences. We then reflect on these experiences and adapt our behaviour and thinking as we move forward. This applies to company growth too. To look ahead and have the capability to adapt to the natural changes and growth of your environment – your company also needs to grow, adapt and change.

Therefore, before we look at ‘growing’ the company’s turnover and profit– we need to look at the adaptability of the company to these inherent changes and growths happening around you.

How do you do this?

Look at the level of your company’s resilience to changes in your environment as discussed above. How in-tune and adaptable are you with what is going on around you? Understand your mission, vision and promise. Ask yourself the following:

1. Where are we as a company now?
2. Do we know where we are going?
3. Are we moving toward where we want to go?
4. If not, how are we going to get there?

If you can answer these questions you will therefore have a deeper awareness of your company’s resilience to the inevitable change and growth around you, then your fear of growth and change can be greatly reduced.

Next week we will look at how to take this understanding and transition from an income generating (craft) to a profit generating (enterprise) entity.

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