Discover Why “The Thinking Environment” Is Crucial – Part 10

In Part 10 of The Ten Components of “The Thinking Environment” we look at PLACE!

All of us have it in our DNA to belong, so it’s vital that we feel comfortable and apart of all the places we find ourselves in, work, home, etc.

Component Ten – Place


“Creating a physical environment that says back to people, ‘You matter’.”


“When the physical environment affirms our importance, we think more clearly and boldly; when our bodies are cared for and respected, our thinking improves.”

When we want to subtly intimidate an interaction, or feel we have a sense of power, we hold the meeting in a Place that provides ease to us and not the others in the interaction, like a meeting or interview we wish to control.

Well, the same goes for the other way round. This is indicative of how the Component of Place affects the way one thinks.

This goes well with creating the Component of Ease and having someone at ease is having someone willing to engage and think more clearly

Personal Experience

Robyn Jackson

I try to be mindful of the impact of place on others. Being a nurturer by nature, a core value of mine is to create a sense of comfort and ease in others that I deal with – so I inherently am conscious about place in relation to the outcome I desire from the interaction.

For myself, I have often found myself having to dig deep to regain my own sense of calm and focus when I am not comfortable with an environment I am in – especially with strange people in an intimidating or unknown context.


Place has many associations with it – for example, from the negative of physical discomfort as in too light or too dark, uncomfortable chairs, noise etc., which can breed irritation, unease and hinders focus; then to some positives like a place of comfort and harmony which stimulates engagement and connection through physical and mental comfort.

If one is mindful of the impact of the place from the other person’s perspective, this helps in choosing a place that will maximise the contribution you are wanting from that person.


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