Discover Why “The Thinking Environment” Is Crucial – Part 7

In Part 7 of The Ten Components of “The Thinking Environment” we look at INFORMATION!

Information is currency, everybody knows we live in the information age and that information means advantage and power to the owner. Even in our smaller worlds how we obtain and use our information is crucial to our wellbeing and success and those of our staff and loved ones.


Component Seven – Information


“Supplying the facts; dismantling denial.”


“Withholding or denying information results in intellectual vandalism. Facing what you have been denying leads to better thinking.”

As participants in any meeting or thinking scenario – what we deliver is based on the expectation given, and the expectation is based on the information provided.

Personal Experience

Robyn Jackson

Running a business and relying on staff through delegation, the accuracy of information giving and receiving is imperative. Again, I could not expect a certain outcome if I did not provide the information for the task to be executed properly. This is where being a detailed person comes in handy – I can overshare! But it does mean that I am specific and provide clarity in the expectations of the communication I give out.


The proper sharing of information contributes to many of these Components and assists with trust and connection.

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