Discover Why “The Thinking Environment” Is Crucial – Part 8

In Part 8 of The Ten Components of “The Thinking Environment” we look at DIVERSITY!

In order to have a truly equal environment we have to take note and accommodate each other’s diversity with the same respect we allow our own.


Component Eight – Diversity


“Welcoming diverse group identities and diversity of thinking.”


“The greater the diversity of the group, and the greater the welcoming of diverse points of view, the greater the chance of accurate, cutting-edge thinking.”

We are social beings, living in a social construct of connecting with and influencing each other. Without this we would not survive – so in essence diversity is an inherent need.

Personal Experience

The power of perspectives is something I advocate fully in business and I suppose in life and general.

In my managing director and board roles, being able to invite and engage with other perspectives has proven to be a necessary tool. It is not always easy to do this. I have to remove my own feeling of insecurities and my need to have my opinion heard, to be open to hear and listen to others with the attention they deserve.

Robyn Jackson

The next challenge is to actually consider their opinions and what value they could bring without my conditioned thinking blocking the way.

Fortunately my management style is circular, so I am inviting participation and initiative from all staff, not just management.

This has rewarded me in the past with seeing staff switch their thinking from just working for me to working with me and opening up their own potential for growth, personally and professionally.

In a board of director’s scenario, we purposefully create boards with diverse ways of thinking by profiling candidates and selecting opposite profiles. There is no benefit to the company if all those on a board think the same. They would never challenge each other, hear new information, or choose the best solution for the decision at hand.

Here, the primary function as a director is to act in the best interest of the company by being as informed as possible, and looking at many scenarios to facilitate sound decision making. Hence, many world views and diversity of perspectives in the board members is imperative.


We cannot get accurate versions of realities without perspectives and this can only come from engaging with diverse ways of thinking and being.


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