Discover Why “The Thinking Environment” Is Crucial – Part 9

In Part 9 of The Ten Components of “The Thinking Environment” we look at INCISIVE QUESTIONS!

Everything human beings do is driven by assumptions. We need to become aware of them, and by asking Incisive Questions, we need to replace the untrue limiting questions with true, liberating ones. The building of Incisive Questions is at the very heart of generating fine independent thinking. Time To Think

Incisive Questions
Component Nine – Incisive Questions


“Removing assumptions that limit our ability to think for ourselves clearly and creatively.”


“A wellspring of good ideas lies just beneath an untrue limiting assumption. An Incisive Question will remove it, freeing the mind to think afresh.”

Individual perspectives are an incomplete version of reality, so when someone notices our limiting assumptions and points it out to us in a way that questions the assumption in the first place – we are compelled to think about it, free from the assumption mental block. In this way we are “freeing the mind to think afresh”.

Personal Experience

I have noticed that when my limiting assumptions are questioned, I am stumped for a few seconds as this presents a new thought path and I am not quite sure what to do with it without my safety blanket of excuses. Then the magic happens and new thought processes are ignited.

Robyn Jackson

My executive coaching training, in learning how to ask incisive questions, really taught me how to listen properly to others. To be able to identify the core issues and guide the client to the necessary conclusion, I needed to listen – and I mean listen with real attention.

It is an awareness that has shifted the way I approach coaching or advisory interactions.

This doesn’t mean I have mastered always listen with full attention, but when I catch myself not being mindful I refocus and step back into this way of being more naturally now.


Incisive questioning shows the power that multi-perspectives have. Seeing situations from other worldviews broadens the accuracy of our interpretation of reality.

The value of this as a self-awareness and personal growth tool is huge.

It is only through being shown another thought path by removing limiting assumptions that we get the opportunity to reflect and adapt to a new way of thinking and thus, being.


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