Discover Why “The Thinking Environment” Is Crucial – Part 2

In part 2 of my overview of the Ten Components of “The Thinking Environment” I look at the 2nd component EQUALITY!

A truly vital component in any business, NEEDED, to make the best decisions for the company and it’s people. We simply cannot afford to discount the power of equality when it concerns survival and growth in the business environment.


Component Two – Equality


“Even in a hierarchy people can be equal as thinkers.”


“Treating each other as thinking peers; giving equal turns and attention; keeping boundaries and agreements.”

Giving someone your authentic attention when they talk is not only a sign of respect which enhances a feeling of value in the speaker, it is also where a sense of equality is borne.

Our connected, competitive world relies on us saying more and pushing the self-promotion envelope to be heard. This results in a loss of the ability to respect that others also have a right to be heard.

Personal Experience

I am constantly trying to improve my own mindful behaviour – in the context of being aware of my impact on others through being present in each moment.

Being a managing director and head of many staff meeting forums with divisions and staff, kept me on my toes with my own awareness and behaviour regarding this Component.

I didn’t think of it as ‘equal’ then, but rather as respecting each person individually and letting them know it. Of course, this is equality, and through practising this individual respect in staff meetings where there are hierarchies, I have found the most impact and reward with staff.

Feeling heard makes people feel they matter and what they say and think has value and could contribute to a bigger picture, of which they are a part of and not just working for. This is the differentiator – it is inclusive.

The knock on benefit is a staff culture of engaged and committed workers, who now have a personal stake for taking initiative and thinking outside their own box.

By coming up with ideas and proactively thinking about scenarios – not only do they learn and grow, but the company takes an interest in their thought process and perspective.


Awareness of equality in this context is an imperative leadership skill. Leaders that are successful create resonance with followers by their own behaviour self-management and awareness, and managing relations with others.

Practicing and managing equality removes ego from a group and promotes impartiality. When this is present, a feeling of threat or negativity is removed from individuals, so their openness to listen and participate is enhanced and their  attention can be truly focused on the discussion at hand.

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