Leadership and Personal Growth

The Business Couch approaches this often clichéd concept of “leadership” from a practical and relevant perspective in the organisational context. Workshops, one-on-one coaching or mentoring are offered according to the leadership skills need of the individual or group.

The Business Couch is an accredited facilitator (in-practicum) of the Thinking Environment® by Nancy Kline.

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Leadership Coaching

The Thinking Environment®

The Business couch offers half day or full day workshops on The Thinking Environment ®– developed by understanding that the quality of everything we do is based on the quality of our thinking first; and, the quality of the attention we give to others, determines the quality of their thinking.

These workshops empower individuals with the opportunity to explore and practice the ways everyday work and business communication structures such as meetings, dialogue, discussion, consultation, presentations, facilitation, interviews, resolving conflict, and working with colleagues and staff can be transformed into clear-thinking, invigorating, positive experiences.

For any organisation, team or individual who is in a leadership or managing role, or needing to strategize with a team or enhance their own listening, thinking and attention giving skills -it is a workshop experience that will transform your business relationships, your listening and thinking skills and inevitably the outcomes you desire.


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