(My) Core Philosophy

There is an inherent need for the sharing of skills and experience with entrepreneurs to support and encourage SMME and SME development and growth in South Africa.

Offering start-ups and entrepreneurs a practical approach to business development, sustainability and growth, without complex methodologies.

The aim is to be relevant and logical – therefore connecting with the entrepreneur to ignite their own passion to learn, and grow with their business.

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    Why do a "Entrepreneurship 101" Workshop?

      The first stage of workshops for the emerging or growing entrepreneur. Content covers all that is needed to know your business, plan your business journey and be on top of what you need to know to get there. The workshop format offers an interactive discussion platform where the sharing of skills and experiences together with solid, yet practical content - creates a peer mentorship forum which not only increases business awareness, it also enhances entrepreneur confidence.

              Week 1

              Designing Your Business
              • Exploring the purpose of your business
              • Introduction to planning and creating a sustainable business
              • Where is your business right now
              • Keeping your business on track: checks and preventative measures
              • Breaking down the all important Promise, Vision and Mission in detail

                Week 2

                 Structuring Your Business – “To Do Kit”
                • Reflections from week 1
                • Creating a structure for sustainability and growth
                • Basic business roles
                • Simplifying theories and processes
                • Providing guidelines and check sheets

                    Week 3

                    Strategy as Practice - Maintaining a Sustainable Entity
                    • Reflections from week 2
                    • Exploring critical success needs and operational functionality
                    • The influences of macro and micro economics – broader sustainability and an integrated approach
                    • Impact of your corporate culture and operating style on your business and its stakeholders
                    • The role of ethics and a values based approach in business

                      Week 4

                      Turning Your Business into a Company
                      • Reflections from week 3
                      • Company forms in South Africa
                      • Creating and structuring a private company
                      • Covering broader company roles
                      • Basic overview of The Company's Act and it’s legal and operational implications

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                        Why do a "Corporate Governance 101" Workshop?

                          This workshop is about transitioning from an income generating to a profit generating entity successfully. Most of us start running our businesses with a skill we have or an opportunity we come across. Then suddenly the business gets bigger and it starts running us! Whether it is through expansion, growth and (hopefully) profitability that new structures and roles need to be understood, or whether you are getting more shareholders or directors and have no clue about the impacts or legalities they can have - this day course covers all you need to know to grow and move forward confidently.

                                  Session 1

                                  The Power of Perspectives
                                  • Understanding values and its impact on perceptions
                                  • Perspectives and influencing others
                                  • Engaging in perspectives with your management teams, stakeholders and others.

                                    Session 2

                                    Strategy – is it a buzz word?
                                    • Unpacking the term ‘strategy’, it’s meaning to you, your staff and your organization
                                    • Exploring strategic conversations and creating common values is teams
                                    • The impact strategy has on your competitive advantage

                                        Session 3

                                        Structure of a Company - Clarifying the roles
                                        • Concept of Corporate governance and the implications on a micro and macro level
                                        • Accountability and personal responsibility in the workplace
                                        • Company - strategic, executive and management roles
                                        • The Company’s Act - differentiating shareholders and directors
                                        • Delegations of authority

                                          Session 4

                                          What is a Board of Directors and why have one
                                          • Concept and duties of a board
                                          • Type of people on a board
                                          • Key issues of The Company’s Act
                                          • King Commission
                                          • Your company and its future “integrated” role
                                          • Creating a board agenda

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                                            Why do a "Leadership 101" Workshop?

                                              The approach taken is far from a generic leadership information giving exercise, but rather an interactive, personal awareness and growth journey for each person. Workshops start with understanding the social needs of humans and how we came to be social beings. We explore our perceptions, values and actions and why we do what we do as individuals. Understanding ourselves and how our behaviour impacts others, is the foundation to successfully connecting with others as a leader.

                                                    Session 1

                                                    Evolution of leadership
                                                    • Origins of humans as social beings
                                                    • The formation of cultures, morals and ethics
                                                    • Social connectedness and responsibility as a basic human need
                                                    • Organizational culture

                                                    Session 2

                                                    Authentic Leadership
                                                    • Enhancing Self-awareness, practical reflexivity and individual contribution
                                                    • Profiling / understanding personal strengths and challenges
                                                    • Personal perceptions and influencing actions

                                                    Session 3 and 4

                                                    Leveraging Leadership in the Workplace
                                                    • Power of Perspectives
                                                    • Mindful leadership, values and influencing others
                                                    • Non-violent Communication
                                                    • Genders and leadership – a constructive view to maximize individual attributes
                                                    • Effective communicating as a leader
                                                    • The art of listening
                                                    • The Thinking Environment®

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