Why attend a
“Thinking Environment” workshop?

Whether it is a small team discussion; holding a group or company strategy session; facilitating an acrimonious meeting; chairing a board meeting or even just having a one-on-one meeting with someone – this workshop will transform the way you engage with others. Through your guidance and participation of the meeting process in this way, you can transform the way all the participants engage with each other by creating a clear-thinking, invigorating and positive experience– even for those who have not done the course! It is truly powerful.

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The Thinking Environment “Time to Think” TM Packages

The workshops range from half-day (condensed) to full-day (detailed) workshops.

  • Prices quoted are for 10 participants.
  • Due to the practical participation component, workshops can only accommodate up to 14 participants per workshop.
  • Each participant receives a detailed manual on all aspects covered in the workshop.

Why do a “Time to Think” TM Workshop?

  • Does your team talk over each other and not accomplish much in meetings?
  • Do you need to your team to truly listen to each other?
  • Do you need to create an environment where the team respect what each other is saying?
  • Do you want to maximise individual thinking and participation of each person equally in discussions, whether they are introverted or extroverted?
  • Do you need to learn how to confidently and expertly run and facilitate a meeting – no matter how big or small?

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