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“Robyn Jackson and I become acquainted whilst we were both members of WPO (Women Presidents Organisation) for a number of years. During this time I was extremely impressed by her attention to detail, in depth knowledge of The Companies Act and legal implications thereof, as well as her methodical approach to corporate governance. Because of these character traits I approached Robyn to assist me in setting up a board of directors for my company and also asked her to serve as the chairperson.

Robyn is as highly competent and professional individual who maintains a calm demeanor during the hottest of debates. She is patient but persistent and methodical in her approach when addressing problems.

Robyn believes in open communication channels at all times and is available 24 hours a day. She is a well presented, competent and organized individual. She is always well prepared for meetings and is thorough in her research regarding matters on the agenda. Robyn is a moral and ethical person who does not compromise on these standards, ever. Robyn puts in a lot of work behind the scene and is always available. This may also be a point of criticism as Robyn puts in extra hours behind the scene, more than what duty calls for without a problem.

She is an asset to our team and I could not have hoped to find a more suited person for the job”.

Jeanne Groenewald
Managing Director
Elgin Free Range Chickens (Pty) Ltd.

“This letter serves to confirm that I, Richard Perry, had the pleasure of working with Robyn Jackson for many years. I first met Robyn when she worked as an agent calling on Architects and Consultants for Samsung Electronics back in 1997. Thereafter she opened her own company and together we opened a sister company in JHB. Robyn ran the Cape Town office as Managing Director and we ran our JHB office as a separate business.

We then opened a joint business in Durban and I was voted in as MD. Robyn worked under me in the position of Financial and Operations Director. I have had a wonderful working relationship with Robyn for many years. One as her supervisor and one as a partner. In both roles, I have the utmost respect for Robyn. She is extremely hard working, extremely capable of performing under pressure, a true team player and one who leads by example. A massive and very important trait to me is trust and Robyn’s trustworthiness is one of her strongest characteristics and one I will always respect. I could and did trust her with anything.

All of our businesses’ have been running successfully since 1999 and are still going strong. So strong in fact that we are regarded as one of the top companies in the supply of Airconditioning in South Africa. Robyn sold her share in the business a couple of years ago and we took over its operations. It was an easy take over due to the fact that the company was set up so well and ran very smoothly.

I will gladly recommend Robyn in any venture she endeavours. As either a leader heading up a Company or as a fellow Director. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to partner with Robyn or work with her again in the future.”

Richard Perry
Managing Director
Fourways Airconditioning (Pty) Ltd.

“My association with Robyn has been on a professional level as a financial service provider to the company which she established and held the position of managing director. As a testament to her ability, Robyn established the company and saw it move from a start-up to a significant player in the industry in which it operated.

I particularly admired her management style, whereby she showed a personal side, which I have seldom come across in business. I found this to be particularly differentiating from most other businesses which I have encountered. Robyn is an extremely good manager of people and is acutely aware of employee development. I have seen her take an active role in staff development where the development of individuals has been nothing short of spectacular.

Her morals and ethics are of the highest standard and she conducts business in a fair and ethical manner. Robyn is extremely aware of her shortcomings and strives to improve her abilities where necessary. She is also not afraid to consult on matters beyond her expertise, but will take an active interest in trying to grasp the matter at hand.”

Lance Brinders

“I have worked with Robyn on various matters over the last couple of years, ranging from matters involving disputes to complex corporate matters. As a person she is driven by uncompromising integrity. Her guidance is clear, to the point and structured. She is truly a professional. Her professionalism and deep understanding of the dynamics involved made her a valuable role player in addressing these matters constructively.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to any of our clients.”

Mrs Nicolene Schoeman – Louw
Managing Director
SchoemanLaw Inc.
Attorney, Conveyancer, Notary Public and Mediator
LLB cum laude LLM (UFS) PGDip FP(US) | M.Inst. D

“Robyn mentored me through the Sirdar Basecamp program in late 2014 and moving into 2015. At the time, I was a new CEO of a medium sized family run manufacturing company. I faced many challenges as a young female leader in a male dominated company but not only was I dealing with typical “women in business” issues, the company had big HR and human related issues beyond the usual day-to-day business activities, which prevented it from moving forward as a coherent unit. My mentoring sessions with Robyn primarily focused around dealing with these HR issues as well as building me personally as a CEO and female business leader.

Robyn’s approach to any issue I presented her with was always methodical and thorough and was always back up with documented references and extra reading. No matter how small the issue, simply coming to an answer or a solution wasn’t satisfactory to Robyn, she always made sure that I fully understood the cause and result of the decisions made and actions took. As the student/mentee, I’ll admit that sometimes I’d prefer the easy way out and just settle for an answer in which direction to go but Robyn’s intrinsic inner mentor wanted and needed me to grow from every experience or challenge I faced in the business. She was so patient with me and persisted in building me through every issue or experience.

Not only was Robyn an excellent mentor but she became a role model to me as well. Robyn is a strong woman with a massive heart. She really cares about the people she works with which is an amazing quality when coupled with her strict and consistent ability to make decisions based purely on what is right and fair.

Robyn taught me to believe in myself as a business leader. She reminded me of the importance of keeping my business neat and tidy, which has now enabled me to step away more than I thought I ever could. Not only did my business benefit hugely from Robyn’s input and guidance but I grew exponentially as a businesswoman because of her help and support. I feel privileged to have had someone as experienced and accomplished as Robyn to turn to with my business issues both internally as well as within myself.

As a result, Robyn and I have remained in contact and she has been and will continue to be someone I turn to whenever I need guidance or advice in any of my business or professional life and career journey.”

Megan Smith
Intermarket Guest Amenities

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